“Asia is an extraordinary elsewhere where a curious traveler will find everything he wants to discover in and out of himself”
(Corrado Ruggeri)

Rice terraces in Banaue Philippines
Rice terraces in Banaue Philippines
The Cradle of ancient civilizations, a crossroads of races, a vast home to all the great monotheistic religions, as well as most of those polytheistic, and birthplace of men whom for good or evil contributed to writing the history of this world; Asia.The largest and most populated continent in the world where exotic traditions, sensuality, culture and many ancient traditions come together in a kaleidoscope of colors and smells offering, to those who want to approach her many intense feelings and strong emotions.

Walking in an Hong Kong market
Walking in an Hong Kong market
Even if its origins are uncertain, the word “Asia,” is probably an ancient Greek concept coming from the Assyrians and Babylonians language, whose meaning refers to the place of the rising sun. Europe refers in many idioms to the place “Asia” as the place where the sun sets. The continents name is an ancient label which was given by those not born in the Asian landscape, but what is certain is that the populations of this continent (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.) tend not to consider the concept of “Asia”. They do not all hold true to this title simply because this name is not their proper identity. Asia being a huge landmass and a home to billions of individuals, these people come from large and varied cultures, often completely different from one another, yet they all call this landmass “Asia” home.

Meditation in a Thai temple
Meditation in a Thai temple
Even in recent times we; Westerns still lack the understanding of the vast amounts of different cultures and races that are all called Asian. This complex mosaic of people among nations that often have difficulty in achieving full integration and autonomy even within their own borders are those that we call Asian and are those Travelasia.guide strives to unveil some of the mysteries of.
Our journey through Asia should be an itinerary full of discovery, learning, integration and experience. We aim to visit as much as possible, travel along roads and trails that may lead us to destinations well trodden but also to places hidden and unknown. We strive to capture the soul of this exotic and intriguing continent, and we hope to pass on our discoveries to you.

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  • Floating people at Ton Le Sap River
  • Khao Kanab Nam a gateway to Krabi
  • Macau night view
  • Quiang ethnic minority girls in Maoxian Sichuan province
  • Decorations in Hong Kong
  • A traditional local boat in Manila Port
  • A studying young monk
  • Mekong River view at Luang Prabang
  • Biking Penang