Are you a traveler that would like to publish your written and or your photo concerning Asia?

Travelasia.guide’s team believe that to offer a complete image of this continent cannot be enough the personal experiences of a few people, therefor we are ready to begin a cooperation and offer space to all the people that can enlarge our knowledge. The goal is to establish a web site that could become quickly a complete guide of Asia and we know that we can reach this goal only with the support of everybody.

We accept stories (at the moment only in English) talking of Asia accompanied by photos properly described or just a photo portfolio of each author with a minimum of 20 pictures also described, together with a picture and a short biography of the author.

All the works should be approved by administrator which reserves the right to not admit text and pictures not conform to the style of the site, informing the author by email notification.

Become an active part of our family, do it now: send an email with your text or pictures to pluto@travelasia.guide if approved you will reach an email with your password and then just begin.

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