China Southern Airline
China Southern Airline
Now China is closer. A new “silk route” is developing to connect those that were the greatest eastern and western empires and civilizations in the ancient world. Chinese Dragon is finally going to meet Roman Eagle and new opportunities for economic and cultural exchange will soon be created.

It seems to be a trailer of an American movie, but is not. It is the reality, less poetic maybe, but no less charming. We are talking, in fact, of the opening of new sky route between Rome and China which
will increase commercial and touristic exchanges between the 2 countries.

2286474-minOn the past 17th December, as previously announced in a press conference attended by Chinese diplomatic and other authorities, the first China Southern Airlines direct flight, connecting Wuhan and Guangzhou with Rome, landed in Leonardo da Vinci airport, in the frame of the new agreement signed between the Chinese airline and the “Aeroporti di Roma” company.

For this new route, the first in Mediterranean Europe, China Southern Airline will use as aircraft the spacious and comfortable Boeing 787 dream-liner with its 228 seats, 3 times a week.

China Southern Airlines is the Chinese aviation with the largest number of aircraft, the highest number of passengers carried and performance related to flight safety, the network of the most developed in the international civil aviation.

“We have always paid attention to the Italian market – Mr. Guo Jianye, director of marketing committee of China Southern Airlines, explained in his inaugural speech – since China and Italy share historic relationships… and bilateral ties have steadily risen in latest years in tourism, economy, and trade.”

China-Southern-Fleet-Plane-Aircraft-Flying-319-minChina Southern Airlines has also signed a partnership agreement with Italian national airline Alitalia that will allow the Chinese company to serve the entire Italian territory. Passengers, combining the services of the two allied companies, will reach any Italian port or travel across Europe with connectivity to its flights to China from anywhere.

“The agreement – said Li Dongliang, Senior Vice President Sales Division – contemplates for China Southern Airlines the possibility of reaching 29 destinations from Rome to national and international airports , and for Alitalia to increase in China 7 other destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shebyang, Qungdao, Wenzhou, Chengdu.

The new flight represents also another milestone for the airport of Rome Fiumicino, certificate Welcome Chinese, who can now count on 28 connecting flights with China and that thanks to the Guangzhou giant will further implement its offering.

Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome
Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome
The airport confirms to be the first airport in Europe, along with the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, for the number of Chinese cities reached by direct flights and the only airport in the European Union which includes all the major Chinese carriers. This leadership therefore ensures direct accessibility from Rome to all major Chinese cities.

A new era and possibly an increasing of touristic flow have definitely begun in the relationships between Italy and China. Now for Italians China is closer and finally for all those Chinese
travelers, willing to discover the Italian wonders, thanks also to the improvement of touristic facilities Chinese friendly, Rome is becoming closer too.


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